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About H.A.L.O

HELPING AND LOVING ORPHANS (HALO) is dedicated to bettering the lives of orphans and at-risk children around the world, especially in developing countries. HALO believes that the world's orphans should have every possible opportunity to reach his/her maximum potential in life through the best healthcare, education and training available.

A note from Betty Tisdale, Founder of HALO:

HALO was founded in July 2000. We have established ourselves in Vietnam, Colombia, Afghanistan - and now in Mexico.

At the Quang Ngai Orphanage near Danang, we have built an annex to take care of over 50 more orphans, a nursery and a vocational school. All these were dedicated with Vietnamese officials and news coverage. I returned from Vietnam, filled with compassion and love for the children of GoVap, Tam Binh and Quang Ngai, we provided the salary of a night worker to take care of the babies for one year…we bought 120 baby cribs and 50 mattresses, we took vitamins and hand sanitizers, bought 2 water filters, and brought clothes, toys and T-shirts. I was able to take 3 of the babies with cleft palates to the teams of doctors from the U.S. who came on a humanitarian mission. Their operations were successful and two have been adopted.

At Tam Binh Orphanage on the outskirts of Saigon, we bought milk for the babies for one month, and many baby clothes. In Saigon, the Te Phan Orphanage is expanding from one room to an additional house.

HALO helps at the Luz y Vida Orphanage in Bogotá, Columbia. The orphanage that has nothing but handicapped children. We have provided the salary for a Physical Therapist for each year, and working on getting two little girls to a hospital in Miami for much needed surgery for epidemilosis bulosis. (upper left) Daniel born without arms and legs (now adopted, (middle) Laura now 6 years old, (upper right) Nuri & Nexa of Luz y Vida with new dress made in Vietnam, (bottom) Lunchtime for Laura and the children.

HALO provided vitamins for the Golzargol Orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan and contributes $1,000 per month for a Physical Therapy Clinic, help for the maternity hospitals, providing baby quilts, etc. We are providing school supplies for the Aschian School.

In Mexico at the orphanage in Uruapan, HALO bought mattresses and pillows, and installed a new roof on their building.

And most important, during 1-11 HALO sent a large donation for the children of the police and firefighters of New York City - with our love and gratitude.

I have given speeches and TV interviews throughout the United States and Europe. I have also had wonderful articles written in various newspapers and magazines. Cindy McCain (Mrs. John McCain) consented to be our Honorary Chairman, for which we are grateful. I still hear from many of the An Lac babies who visit me when they can. A documentary, Precious Cargo, was recently aired on PBS about the babylift and I was featured in an interview.

If you looked closely at the beginning of the Oscar nominated documentary, Daughter from Danang, you would have seen me during the babylift. Dateline did a program in 2000 and then came to Vietnam to do a second one in March 2003. This segment was pre-empted by the Iraq War -- they are editing it now, and an air date should be announced soon.

Our Work

  • Build and communicate awareness in the area of orphans and needy children.
  • Research needs in education, living conditions, health, of orphanages in Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan, as well as in developing countries.
  • Establish projects to support orphans and orphanages in Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan and in developing counties, especially in remote area.
  • Procure funds and grants for orphan and children projects.

H.A.L.O. Principals

Betty Tisdale - Founder / President

Kim Lan Tisdale - Vice President/Secretary

Geoff Shelton - Treasurer

Our World of Angels:

  • Marnie Gustavson
  • Elizabeth Bennett
  • Mary McMackin
  • Colleen Morey
  • Helena de Olea
  • Thu Van DeBellis
  • Anthony DeBellis
  • James Bruckner
  • Donna Andrews
  • Mary Van Horn
  • Katchen Fazzini
  • Quang Le
  • Lilly Pham
  • Jerry Dootson
  • Jenny Ledford
  • Lien Titus
  • Melonie Gartner
  • Jay Hanning